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First budget amendment 2023

First budget amendment 2023 In July 2023, the local council voted on the first amendment to the 2023 multi-year plan.. Mayor Bertrand Waucquez takes the time to explain each decision point by point, and the reasons why certain projects have had to be postponed. In view of rising personnel costs, [...]

Installation of fiber optics (2021)

December 2021 Fibre optics in Kraainem: things are moving ahead! Work to install fiber optics (a network open to all telecom operators) is progressing well in Kraainem. Neighborhood after neighborhood, all sidewalks in the municipality are systematically opened on both sides of the street and then carefully closed again. The [...]

Flooding in Kraainem (2018-2020)

Novembre 2020 Flood control measures in the north of Kraainem La combinaison intelligente de la technologie et de la collecte de données permettait déjà de surveiller en continu le niveau des eaux dans le collecteur de la Woluwe ( – collecteur Woluwe). Si celui-ci est saturé pendant plus que quelques [...]

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