Environment and energy

Outside my mandate for the commune, I have decided to remain active, in a reduced capacity, in the field of energy and environmental transition: I keep in close contact with specialists in the fields of “energy” and “environment” insofar as this knowledge is useful for communal projects (building insulation, climate, energy transition, life cycle of materials, soil recovery and analysis…). Before becoming mayor, I worked on indoor air quality, hence the idea of the CO2 sensor to measure ventilation quality in buildings accessible to the public in Kraainem during the COVID period, and active participation in the Curieuzeneuzen to measure air quality in Kraainem.

Another major project will be to secure asbestos applications by 2040 (in Flanders). I’m also actively involved in air pollution, as vice-president of the UBCNA (Union Belge Contre les Nuisances des Avions – Belgian Union Against Aircraft Nuisance), where we all too often forget about the pollution caused by (ultra)fine particles, among other things. And, last but not least, I’m working with the University of Ghent and Leuven on an exciting project: an energy cadastre. More details to follow…

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