La Libre – 20.03.2024

In Kraainem, the Q8 freeway slip road is to disappear: “we don’t want chaos everywhere at once”.

In Kraainem, the Q8 freeway slip road is to disappear:

The development went under the radar. As part of the planned redevelopment of the Ring Nord, the access ramp to the E40 at Q8 Kraainem will disappear. The change was prompted by the layout of the site. The entrance to this slip road is considered too close to the Ring interchange and therefore accident-prone. There are just 300 meters between the E40 access road and the Ring interchange at Sterrebeek. This poses particular problems for motorists coming from Kraainem, who have to swerve several lanes in a short space of time to continue their journey towards Leuven.

In Kraainem, the Q8 freeway slip road is to disappear:

In exchange for this disappearance, a new access to the E40 is planned at boulevard de la Woluwe, just a stone’s throw away.

“Every day, we have queues on the Avenue des Anciens Combattants”.

But in Kraainem, the news is greeted with caution. Burgomaster Bertrand Waucquez doesn’t necessarily take a dim view of the redesign of the Q8 slip road. “Every day, we have queues on the Avenue des Anciens Combattants”, says the agent, pointing out the safety problems of the current situation.

According to the mayor, the solution on the table “isn’t perfect, but it’s the best solution presented sofar.”

Bertrand Waucquez is asking for guarantees, however. “We have to prove that the situation will be better after the work is completed. After all, no new development without construction. And that’s where the problem lies… “People are still traumatised by the work on the Boulevard de la Woluwe”, notes the Brabant mayor, for whom a coordination tool with all the other worksites in the area is essential. “The work has to be worthwhile.

The Werkvennootschap, the Flemish agency in charge of the works, qualifies the scenario by saying that the recently approved sector plan makes these changes possible. But there’s still a long administrative road ahead: specific permit applications will have to be submitted, public inquiries conducted, permits obtained…

As a reminder, Flanders is planning to redevelop the entire northern section of the Brussels Ring between Zaventem and Grand-Bigard. Plans include the creation of a bypass between the E40 and E19, the removal of exit 8 at Wemmel, widening, greening of the surrounding area and the creation of bicycle lanes. All for around 4 billion euros. In all, the project, which will be carried out in sections starting at Zaventem, will take around ten years to complete. Target start date: end 2025.

In the near future, the issue will be discussed by the Kraainem town council, which will have to adopt an official position on the matter, as will the other entities concerned.

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