First budget amendment 2023

In July 2023, the local council voted on the first amendment to the 2023 multi-year plan..

Mayor Bertrand Waucquez takes the time to explain each decision point by point, and the reasons why certain projects have had to be postponed.

In view of rising personnel costs, among other things, financial stability is a priority. The commune currently pays €1,200,000 each year to repay outstanding loans. We believe that if economic conditions become more difficult, this is not the time to take out new loans. This is also the opinion of the finance director, with whom the mayor is in regular meetings to keep a close eye on all this.

In the month ofBy December 2023, we will have a clearer picture of the commune’s financial situation. But for the time being, the decision has been taken not to borrow again, and therefore not to make too many investments, which is why some projects have had to be cancelled.s or postposeds.

  • Concerning
    We have maintained our plans for major road renovation projects involving external contractors, in order to benefit from the substantial subsidies that go with such work.
  • The project to renovate the premises
    premises has been postponed.
    has been postponed.
  • The
    dining hall
    too. At this stage, replacing the refectory alone would mean having to reapply for subsidies for an overall project, which would cost us a lot of time. However, today’s situation is not definitive, and our departments are working on it.
  • The sports hall could do with a serious overhaul of its infrastructure. Investing 350,000 euros in a heating system this year is not necessarily the right solution, as we need to think about a long-term project rather than just partially renovating the existing infrastructure.