December 2021

Fibre optics in Kraainem: things are moving ahead!

Work to install fiber optics (a network open to all telecom operators) is progressing well in Kraainem. Neighborhood after neighborhood, all sidewalks in the municipality are systematically opened on both sides of the street and then carefully closed again. The municipality is taking advantage of this work to repair the sidewalks in poor condition at the same time, to prevent them from being reopened at a later date and thus limit disruption to local residents. In his Facebook Live on October 15, Mayor Bertrand Waucquez explains in detail how the fiber network works (also available on his YouTube channel).

The work is being closely monitored by the municipal services, enabling them to guarantee its quality as well as adherence to the schedule (completion scheduled for summer 2022). Every effort is made to minimize inconvenience to residents. The installation of fiber optics is an essential step in accessing high-speed internet and – as this is a fixed network – is not linked to the installation of 5G (mobile network).

May 2021

Fiber optic installation

Optical fiber is a cable used to propagate light waves between two locations, and is used for fiberscopy, lighting or digital data transmission.

The installation of a fiber optic network providing high-speed Internet access in the commune will begin over the summer. The sidewalk repair schedule will be adjusted accordingly. For several weeks now, Proximus employees – equipped with a badge and a mission order – have been taking photos of the streets of the municipality, as well as of certain facades. They also have to carry out checks in apartment blocks (not private homes) to see how the fiber can be introduced into the building.

The installation – planned between July 2021 and June 2022 – involves opening (and closing) most of the sidewalks. This is why the commune has decided to adapt the sidewalk repair schedule, so as to avoid repairing or renovating sidewalks that will be reopened shortly afterwards, and to take advantage of any synergies with the Telecom operator’s work.

The installation of fiber optics is an essential step in accessing high-speed, high-quality internet and – as a fixed network – is in no way connected with the 5G dossier.