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Works along the boulevard de la Woluwe: what consequences for Kraainem?

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Works along the Boulevard de la Woluwe (= R22): closure of Exit 5 of the Ring towards R22 (in Machelen), cut R22, impact on Kraainem … Many rumors circulate on this subject on social networks: update on the situation.

In order to answer the many questions of the inhabitants, Johan Forton
(alderman for mobility in Kraainem) and Bertrand Waucquez (mayor of Kraainem) have produced a document allowing you to see more clearly. This document has been validated by Agentschap Wegen & Verkeer as well as by De Werkvennootschap. You will therefore find here reliable information concerning the reasons for this work, the schedule and the consequences for the inhabitants of Kraainem.

After the Roads and Traffic Agency (AWV) carried out in 2017 a complete overhaul of the links between the Brussels ring road (R0) and the boulevard de la Woluwe (which remained unused for many years, while ‘it was still planned to extend the E19 towards Brussels), it is now giving Boulevard de la Woluwe itself a “total makeover”. Once the renovation is complete, motorists coming from Diegem and Chaussée de Haecht in the direction of Vilvorde will be able to pass through a tunnel six hundred meters long under Boulevard de la Woluwe (thus freeing up space for a bus lane). two-way free and for safe and comfortable cycle paths along this boulevard) and will also be able to use the access ramps which were renovated in 2017 (see map below). In other words, from this moment, not only the inner ring but also the outer ring will be directly linked to the Boulevard de la Woluwe.

Crossroads with traffic lights for a smooth passage between Boulevard de la Woluwe (R22) and the Brussels ring road (R0) (near the E19 x R22 in Machelen)

At the new entrances and exits of the Brussels ring road (at the E19 x R22 in Machelen), there will be a crossroads with traffic lights, for traffic coming from the ring towards Boulevard de la Woluwe and vice versa.

Safe and comfortable cycle and pedestrian paths along Boulevard de la Woluwe

AWV will also work on the development of safe and comfortable cycle paths. These will be set up all along the route, on both sides of Boulevard de la Woluwe, with an underground passage at the level of the new R0 / R22 complex so that cyclists are separated from the cars.

Two-way bus route for the Ringtrambus

Between the Chaussée de Haecht and the Kerklaan, AWV will install a two-way bus lane for the Ringtrambus, among others, on the side of the boulevard where traffic is currently in the direction of Diegem and Woluwe-St.-Lambert. Thanks to this lane, the bus will not have to queue on the Boulevard de la Woluwe at the same time as the dense car traffic during rush hour. Therefore, public transport on this crucial stretch will become an interesting and comfortable alternative for many people. The works of the Werkvennootschap will make it possible to extend this bus route in the direction of Diegem (from the chaussée de Haecht) and Vilvorde (from the Kerklaan).

More details on Roadworks on Avenue Woluwe | WVN ( and (NL)

The Kraainem point of view:

A distinction should be made between works already planned (for example the closing of exit 5 of the Ring) and works which are still at the design stage and which have not yet been definitively decided (for example the cut of the R22 in the Woluwe valley in Sint-Stevens-Woluwe and the optimization of ASC Kraainem).

The works already planned have a very limited long-term impact on mobility in Kraainem, while the works in the design phase have a clear potential impact on mobility in Kraainem.

Regarding the work in the design phase with an impact on Kraainem:

De Werkvennootschap studies different scenarios and possibilities. There have already been several preliminary discussions between De Werkvennootschap and the municipalities concerned about these proposals, during which the municipality of Kraainem has always defended its point of view, that is to say, among other things, an unfavorable opinion on the cut-off of Boulevard de la Woluwe R22 (see above “Reaction / input from the municipality of Kraainem”).

For the next phase (first months of 2021), De Werkvennootschap will provide additional information on this concept and will seek the opinions of different interest groups (nature and environmental protection organizations, mobility organizations, etc. ). In this context, information sessions for and with the inhabitants will be organized by De Werkvennootschap (as has already been done several times in the past for cycle paths, for example), virtually or not. The necessary NL / FR communication will also be provided in time for the population to be properly informed.

After additional preparatory talks with the municipalities concerned, as well as information sessions / consultations with interest groups and citizens, a preferred solution for the redevelopment of Boulevard de la Woluwe / R0 Nord will be developed by De Werkvennootschap (in cooperation with AWV), in particular with regard to whether or not the cut-off on R22 is to be maintained. Page 7 of 7

It is important to note that no concrete and final decision has yet been taken at this stage regarding this work, whether for the cut-off of R22 or for the redevelopment of the Kraainem interchange (“ASC”). The municipal authorities of Kraainem and the competent bodies (Werkvennootschap / AWV) are closely monitoring this development.

Timing: the preferred solution should be offered in 2022

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